Need An Argumentative Essay On Overseas Market Entry Actions Needs To Be 10 Page

Need an argumentative essay on OVERSEAS MARKET ENTRY ACTIONS. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd was founded in the year 1957 and is regarded as one of the foremost market players operating in the automotive industry throughout the globe. The company has been involved in making certain extremely competitive open-wheeler and sports cars that range from Formula Vees to the MR9 Formula 5000 and the 1959 Streamliner (Elfin Sports Cars, 2008). It is quite essential for Elfin to adopt and execute appropriate international business strategies in order to make a dominant entry into the business market of Brazil. It has been earlier discussed that Brazil can be a potential business market for the company i.e. Elfin due to its exceptional possession of natural resources, stabilised political system, greater level of Gross National Product (GNP) and raising income level of the people residing within various regions of the nation (Campante, 2009).

With this concern, the report intends to discuss the appropriate international business strategies that Elfin might adopt and apply to the target overseas market i.e. Brazil. Moreover, a detailed discussion regarding the marketing actions in terms of marketing mix strategy focusing on certain specific elements of marketing mix would also be discussed in this report. Most importantly, suitable organisational structure and control system emphasising the association prevailing between home and host organisation, relationship between headquarter (HQ) and subsidiary and centralisation versus decentralisation would be proposed in the report.

Elfin may adopt appropriate and effective international business strategies as an action towards making a flourishing entry in the intended overseas market i.e. Brazil. It is worth mentioning that the favourable conditions prevailing within Brazil in terms of political and financial aspect among others would ultimately support the sports manufacturing company to make successful entry in diverse regions of the nation. However, still the company requires following

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