Need An Argumentative Essay On Part 1 Using The Role Analysis Model As Well As T

Need an argumentative essay on Part 1-Using the role analysis model, as well as their own reflection on practice will devise an action plan for their own development as a manager. Part 2-Critically analyse the evidence base for this action plan by the application of current management. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Later on, the person should find out whether he/she possesses these skills or not. There is a possibility that the person may not possess all the skills, or he/she requires some updating to cope up with contemporary work environment. Therefore, the action plan should be developed to fulfil the existing loopholes.

In general, a planning is done by people to develop oneself within a predefined time frame. so a personal development plan is quite effective in fulfilling the requirements in most effective manner. “Personal development plan (PDP) sets out the actions that people propose to take to learn and to develop themselves” (Armstrong, 2000, p.158). With the help of PDP people formulate the plan and implement it to achieve the required goal. However, just developing a PDP is not enough. person should also be determined and focused (Elearn Limited & Pergamon Flexible Learning, 2005, p.38).

Considering the above given facts, I decided to conduct a role analysis for identifying the strength as well as weaknesses on which I need to work. There are several models which can be used but I decided to follow ‘Johari Window’. This model is used for self examine and it was proposed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1970. It talks about four distinct parts of ones personality called open window, blind window, hidden window and unknown window (Sutton & Stewart, 2002, p.21).

This window helps people to understand themselves in a more in-depth manner and thus I decided to use this to understanding myself in a better manner. As per this model, I tried to identify the open window. that is my behaviour and attitude which is commonly displayed and is freely visible to others. The second window is blind window that covers the part which is not visible to me but others can identify it. This is my body language or facial expression about which I am not much aware of. To know about them, I asked by friends and known ones to provide feedbacks. I found that the

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