Need An Argumentative Essay On Peer To Peer Lending Scheme Needs To Be 6 Pages P

Need an argumentative essay on Peer to Peer Lending Scheme. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The following are some of the roles Mr. Campbell McBain should expect (Mostafa, 2014).The facilitator should ensure that the functions are given are fulfilled by the right people with the proper experience and authority. The facilitator is the task of developing clear objectives and agenda that are in line with the company goals. He should also decide the workshop process and briefing process. The facilitator should also ensure that logistical arrangements are. During the workshop, the facilitator ensures that objectives are, and benefits are realized. He also ensures that all relevant information is available to the group so that strategic decision-making is facilitated. After the workshop, the primary role of the facilitator is to produce and deliver the workshop report. He also reviews the report with the management of the company. McBain is not qualified for the role of facilitator although he has all the relevant knowledge about the company. McBain has been in the business for a long time and understands the role that the proposed software is supposed to play. McBain is very excited about the progress of the program. Thus, he will be available to the programmers at London Agile (Shankar et al.,2014). Despite his qualifications, it might be difficult for him to be impartial which is a quality required for the facilitator role. He should ensure he facilitates the workshop rather than dictate what is to be. A facilitator plays his role with no alignment or stake in the company, and there Campbell will not be suited for the role (Kafilongo et al, 2014)

The company ambassador is the person given the responsibility of ensuring he or she embodies the cooperate identity of the company. The company ambassador has the ability of the to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer product relationship. It will influence a large number of organizations into using the products of the organization (Turk et al, 2014). The

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