Need An Argumentative Essay On Personal Hygiene Needs To Be 16 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Personal hygiene. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Included in the introduction will be a brief explanation of personal hygiene and its importance to the nurse and the patient and a short brief on the course of the paper.

In the discussion portion of the essay the paper will discuss the proper ways of conducting personal hygiene essentials for the patient. This part of the paper will also highlight specific ways the nurse can help the patient including an assessment on the actual needs of the patient their capabilities to do some personal hygiene tasks like combing or brushing the teeth, the importance of independence for a dependent adult.

A discussion on being sensitive about the patients desires will also be considered especially when it comes to modesty, embarrassment and the modicum of independence the patient can exert during tasked specific for personal hygiene, the paper will also highlight the need for the carer to be able to explain to the patient why a specific task needs to be done and to reassure the patient that they are not being embarrassed intentionally and that all are done in the course because it is actually needed to be done and that all accord has been utilized that minimal exposures of body parts and ‘invasion of privacy’ is kept to a minimum.

It will also be noted that it is important for a nurse to know the essential body parts that are needed to be kept clean and dry especially for bed bound patients so that pressure or bed sores can be avoided, the areas where pressure sores are likely to develop so that cleaning and taking care of those particular areas will be of benefit to avoiding pressure sores. It is also essential for a nurse professional to know techniques and strategies involved in giving care to patients who already has pressure sores so that it will not be aggravated and that healing will be promoted.

The ability to reassure, soothe and convince the patient to follow instruction

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