Need An Argumentative Essay On Persuasion And Influence 1 Needs To Be 1 Pages Pl

Need an argumentative essay on Persuasion and Influence 1. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The second item was a dress for my niece. I had bought the dress because that brand was running a campaign for educating the poor in Africa and 10% of the dress price was to be donated to the cause! Hence, it made me feel good that I am also part of that campaign.

The two unplanned purchases had actually upset my weekly budget and as a result, that week, we had to cut down on our regular fruit diet. I realized that because of my irrational decision, my family had to compromise on essential food item. Indeed, consumer behavior is need based which is exploited by marketers (Arnould et al., 2004). Hence, I decided that I would rationalize my buying and stick to list. The perfume that was on offer of the day was actually not so as three weeks back, my friend had also bought the same perfume at same price! Indeed, they are marketing gimmicks that are essentially designed to tempt consumers (Edwin and Douglas, 2008). Thereafter, during my weekly shopping, I would wave my list in front of the salesperson and move forward to complete my shopping. I found this technique to be very

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