Need An Argumentative Essay On Pilot For The Privatization Of Zain Company Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Pilot for the privatization of zain company. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

For instance, it enables researchers make a choice when they are torn between choosing between a self-administered questionnaire and using interviews.

This paper seeks to explicate the steps involved in undertaking a pilot study on the research topic, ‘Privatization of Zain Company in Kuwait.’ Few studies conducted on the telecommunication sector in Kuwait have revealed that privatization of Zain company has played an integral role in the company’s steady growth and expansion.

The pilot study was conducted from November and December 2014. In the pilot study, there was strict adherence to study protocol. This implies that a small scale version of the full study was tested. In this regard, sixty one participants randomly selected from customers of Zain Company in Kuwait. The demographics that were emphasized on included age, level of education and the position in which every respondent serves in Zain Company.

The researchers invited the subjects to participate in the study. They were given enough time to make up their decision whether they wished to take part in the research or not. They confirmed their consent by signing consent forms. They were then given questionnaires that sought information on their genders, age, profession, educational levels, customer preferences, just to mention but a few. The response rate was recorded and the researchers ensured that data collection went on smoothly.

The measuring instrument in this case was the questionnaire. The participants were expected to complete the questions themselves with the help of the research assistants. During this pilot study, it was also vital to ensure that the questionnaire items addressed the research questions accurately. The pilot also tested the appropriateness or comprehensibility of the questionnaire. In addition, it also aimed at finding out whether the questions were clearly understood,

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