Need An Argumentative Essay On Political Science As The Discipline Needs To Be 1

Need an argumentative essay on Political science as the discipline. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The present research has identified that in the inaugural term, the structure of governance in the United States is examined by exploring the Constitution and the fundamental idea of the separation of powers. Once this foundation is laid, students learn about the importance of elections particularly focusing on the Congressional elections, Presidential elections, the role of the Electoral College and the gerrymandering of Congressional districts. The class undertakes to provide an in-depth exploration of the interactions between Congress and the President specifically on issues around gridlock, public opinion, and the media. This essay discusses that having examined how laws are made in the first semester. the second semester begins by exploring how laws are carried out by the bureaucracy as well as how such laws may bring the federal government into conflict with state governments. The researcher states that attention is switched to the role of the judiciary, where the students examine the influence of the Supreme Court on the American political process with special attention devoted to issues surrounding civil liberties and civil rights. This paper illustrates that during this duration, the student’s time is mostly devoted to investigating foreign policy in the context of the current challenges confronting the United States, as well as long-term debates surrounding exceptionalism and declinism.

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