Need An Argumentative Essay On Positive Illusions Needs To Be 6 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Positive illusions. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Positive illusions are broadly classified into three categories. One category entails when individuals perceive themselves more positive than they actually are. The second category is characterized by individuals believing they have more control over situations happening in their lives than they actually have. The third type of positive illusion is evidenced when individuals are unrealistically optimistic as concerns their future (Bromgard, David and Irina 85-94).

A case scenario of positive illusions is documented in a study that was carried out among students. They were expected to use personal adjectives to rate themselves and others. The resulted evidenced that students involved in the experiment rated themselves more positively than they rated others. Consequently this was affirmed in a similar study where the participants’ self-perception were more positive than the perceptions elicited by other concerning them (Bromgard, David and Irina 85-94).

The impact of positive illusions has also been documented in case scenarios pertaining o memory research. Results from participants involved in the memory research evidenced that they preserved optimistic information about themselves as compared to negative information. In affirmation, another study on memory revealed that participants recalled and voiced their successes more in comparison to their failures (Bromgard, David and Irina 85-94).

Those who have positive illusions perceive events differently from those who do not. Evidence from attribution theory has if when individuals who have positive illusions have positive outcomes, they attribute them to themselves than to external factors. An example of a case scenario is a gambler who wins and attributes it to his own skill. Consequently, if the same individual was to loose, he would attribute this not to his failure, but to the good luck of the

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