Need An Argumentative Essay On Potential Causes For The Growth Of Organic Food M

Need an argumentative essay on Potential Causes for the Growth of Organic Food Market in UK. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Potential Causes for the Growth of Organic Food Market in UK

2.1. Relevance of Choosing the Research Topic

As elaborated above, familiarity is a significant aspect for the enlargement of the organic food market. Orlikowski, (2010) reported that according to the researchers’ individuals are uninformed about the practises and process employed for organic produces and lots of them are puzzled about the term ‘organic’. In view of the existing market conditions it very vital to identify what customer means by the term ‘organic’. The UK consumer’s awareness about organic food and the reasons that persuade them to demand organic food can be explored by this research. A foundation to appreciate what customers believe regarding organic food is presented by this research. To promote their products, marketers require exploring the motive for demands and apply it as an instrument to even target definite segments.

2.2. Importance of this Research

Consumer’s awareness of the product and its production has an extremely significant role in their purchase decision making. The decision regarding purchasing a product can be influenced by familiarity. Even customer is encouraged to procure the particular product because of superior knowledge. It directs and transforms them into habitual purchasers and develops an optimistic attitude about the manufactured goods in them. To promote the product and to seek(target) different segments, causes for product’s demand may possibly be employed as a tool.

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