Need An Argumentative Essay On Practice Analysis Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No P

Need an argumentative essay on Practice Analysis. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ity complex to the protagonist of “I’m a Fool”, one may see that it demonstrates itself through the character’s constant lying and his looking down on other people of the same background. For example, he calls other people who are dressed well “common cattle” or “yaps”. Driven by inferiority complex, the protagonist inflates his identity by treating himself with drinking whiskey and smoking an expensive cigar in a hotel for the rich. This complex makes him push a man who wears a Windsor tie and walks with a cane. It is also the driver of his condemnation of educated people (he himself is uneducated). Besides, what he says seems to be always aimed at looking important, which is also is a clear sign of inferiority complex. To illustrate,

Sometimes now I think that boys who are raised regular in houses, and never have a fine nigger like Burt for best friend, and go to high school and college, and never steal anything, or get drunk a little, or learn to swear from fellows who know how, or come walking up in front of a grand stand in their shirt sleeves and with dirty horsy pants on when the races are going on and the grand-stand is full of people all dressed up.” (Anderson 73).

These views of the story’s protagonist can be described as displays of rationalization. Specifically, rationalization in psychology is known to be a defense mechanism with help of which an individual attempts to find an explanation despite the fact it may be illogical at all in order to take advantage for events that played against him. For example, the character starts rationalizing that he is superior to the man according to his own philosophy: “Things are as you think about them”. It means, in his view, people can be superior if they decide to be and other people can be inferior if only you think so.

The most interesting example of rationalization is when over the years the protagonist looks back at what happened and tries to find an explanation why he lied.

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