Need An Argumentative Essay On Presonal Development Needs To Be 6 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Presonal development. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Opportunities for study and growth in professional careers are available to all living in the UK.

I hope to have an evaluation of myself in context of personal and professional development. I need to have understanding of what positives I have in me that will help me in achieving my goals and what negatives I have that need to be fixed in order to be successful in my personal and professional life. Although personal and professional development plans are important at every phase of life but this is the most important time for me to evaluate myself and develop personal and professional development plan.

I served in Abu-Dhabi police for more than 4 years and my experience of working there was so great that I have opted this profession as my career path. My aim is to join the police force after I graduate with the degree of police officer in 2011.

Strengths: I feel that one of my key strengths is decision making, it is used throughout life because one has to make smaller or bigger decision during the course of life. It’s very common that before making an important decision, there are clouds of confusion all around. I experienced it making decision of higher studies in the UK. It was a tough decision, as majority of my friends and my relatives were pursuing their higher studies in Abu-Dhabi. I compared all the pros and cons of this situation did a fair bit of risk assessment and finally I was quite sure in my mind that I have made the right choice in the given circumstances. If I look at my career path and my motivation of becoming a Police Office, I feel that this strength of decision-making will help me a lot in my career development and growth.

Another key strength I found about myself during self-assessment is of quick learning and adaptability. This strength helped me when I left my native country and came to UK. Learning variety of courses

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