Need An Argumentative Essay On Principles Of Marketing Needs To Be 3 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The marketing mix is customized to match the needs of the targeted consumers in the market that is vital to enhancing the attractiveness of products and services supplied by a given company. In addition, the branding of the MAC Cosmetic products has been influential in enhancing the attractiveness of the business that is vital to sales revenue generation. Consequently, this paper evaluates the influence of marketing strategies of MAC Cosmetics in enhancing the welfare of the business.

The mission statement of MAC Cosmetics is one of the attributes that has enhanced its attractiveness in the market. This is due to the role of mission statement in articulating the intention and objective of a business organization in offering services or goods to the targeted market (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Consequently, the mission statement of MAC Cosmetics in extending its services and goods to the targeted market has been able to reinforce the marketing effort of the company in attracting consumers in the market. The mission statement of MAC Cosmetics Company is as reflected below.

The mission statement indicated above for MAC Cosmetics reflects that the company embraces the diverse global community. This is instrumental in enhancing the acceptance of the company’s products since it caters for possible negative undertone a product may face from market (Carey, Knowles, & Towers-Clark, 2011). Consequently, the mission statement of MAC Cosmetic is vital in enhancing the penetration of its products in the market.

The financial performance and position of MAC Cosmetics is one of the vital aspects that reflect how the marketing efforts of the business enhance the welfare of the business in enhancing the wealth of consumers. Accordingly, the recent financial statement of MAC Cosmetics indicates that the marketing strategies of the company have been vital in enhancing the generation of sales revenue. The sales revenue of the company in 2012 stood at

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