Need An Argumentative Essay On Probation Parole And Intermediate Sanctions Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Probation, Parole, and Intermediate Sanctions. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Finally, the paper will close with a review on the ethical issues that surrounds the correction processes, approaches and facilities.

Crime and community safety have been the most disturbing issues across the entire world since time immemorial. Criminal activities carried within communities have caused unrest and state of confusion as most people fear for the safety of their lives and property. It is due to adverse effects of crimes on communities that legal professionals and security personnel came up with strategies of arresting, examining, rehabilitating and incarcerating individual criminals to restore peace, sanity and confidence in particular communities. Historically, criminal activities were assumed to be caused by evil spirits and therefore, individual criminals were taken to the public for severe punishment as deterrence to other potential activities. Revolution took place in history of crime justice and community safety and gave rise to alternative models of discouraging and ending criminal activities. Among the notable revolutionized ways of handling criminal activities include parole, probation and intermediate sanctions. Schmalleger (2012) avers that the three methods of handling crime justice and community safety have been experiencing pendulum effects due back and forth review and exercise.

Patersilia (1998) asserts that probation and parole have been misunderstood as the only approaches to ensuring community safety and criminal justice. Despite the similarities in the application of parole and probation modes of enforcing criminal justice, the difference occurs in the manner in which each is ignited and set to work. Probation according to Patersilia (1998) is an execution process involving the sentencing of criminal offenders to serve in the community projects as opposed to incarceration. Parole involves release of an offender from

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