Need An Argumentative Essay On Problem And Solution Needs To Be 6 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Problem and solution. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

With the advent of mechanized way of life, man has begun to rely on machines and physical activity has declined significantly. In addition to that, the urge to make money and succeed has increased the time in value manifolds. Man has to rush to keep everything going smooth and there is hardly any time left for such activities as cooking or exercise. In such circumstances, junk food seem the most appropriate option to go for since it provides with taste and luxury and above all saves time otherwise consumed in cooking and dish-washing. Besides, junk food has become a necessary part of a luxurious life-style so people specially youngsters fancy junk food. Not only this, the general life-style of the modern age has increased human interaction with technology. Children used to devote sufficient time to outdoor games that helped build their physique and keep them smart in the past. Nowadays, there is so much to explore in the computer world, that children can not manage to find time for outdoor activities. Also, importance of the use of computer can not be underestimated since it is essential in order to remain at par with the changing trends of the modern world. People keep sitting in front of a screen net-surfing for hours and hours and ultimately, put on weight. Long story short, modern life-style has minimized physical exertion for many and that is the fundamental reason of the wide-spread obesity among people of all age. All of these factors have specially caused youngsters to put on weight.

Obesity is a growing concern particularly among the youth. This is because junk food is the most fundamental cause of obesity and is the most popular among the youngsters. However, obesity can be developed at any age starting from early childhood to old-age. Men and women are equally susceptible to obesity and both genders can be affected by obesity in their own ways. Women are particularly afraid of

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