Need An Argumentative Essay On Professional Staff Training In The Academic Libra

Need an argumentative essay on Professional Staff Training in the Academic Library. Needs to be 16 pages. Please no plagiarism.

As such is its scope, the basic questions this study intends to address are:

For this study, the researcher will be relying heavily on books, academic journals, and electronic sources. The possible bibliographic tools that the researcher will need in the conduct of the literature research are the title, the author, the date of publication, the place of publication and abstract or summary of the book or article if there is one. At the same time, the researcher believes that the footnotes or endnotes or in-text citation used in the books or articles will be a lot of help in the search for topics pertinent to the study.

In terms of the date of publication, the researcher thinks that it will survey works for the thirty or forty years for the purpose looking at theories that are considered a landmark in the field of our concern which was predominantly developed within this period. Although the researcher knows that coverage spans for a few decades whereas there are many contemporary developments the area, still the researcher thinks that understanding the landmark theories is pivotal in the understanding of the current trends in our field of studies.

The possible constraints that the researcher may encounter in the literature search are first how will he be able to delimit the number of his references in the midst of numerous sources and references that he may find relevant to the study. This is an important concern since it is of equal gravity with research being conducted with very few available sources. And lastly, the concern with sources that seems to be weaving from one file to another without clearly delineating the boundaries.

The article of Locke (1978) speaks of the fundamental error of scholars and managers alike in assigning goal setting as the fundamental mover for employees in participating in the fulfillment of the objective of the organization.

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