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Need an argumentative essay on Project Evaluation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The other option that Salsbury has is to open a health and fitness complex and it has a NPV of ?700,000. Furthermore, the report justifies the technique that has been used in order to evaluate the project by comparing it with other project evaluation techniques such as Accounting Rate of Return and Profitability Index. Moreover, the report then discusses other factors that the organization needs to consider while making the investment decision. ANALYSING THE FEASIBILITY OF THE PROJECT Net present value (NPV) is the technique that has been used to analyze the feasibility of the project. NPV shows the net future cash flows of the project after being discounted with the discount rate so that the present value or present worth of the cash flows can be calculated (McLaney, 2009). In the appendix 1 of the report, the forecasted cash flows for the 10 years are calculated and net present value of these cash flows are calculated with the discount rate of 14%. …

is higher than health and fitness complex, therefore the management should invest in opening a retail store than the health and fitness complex as it has higher NPV and projects with higher NPV should be accepted (Jensen, 2001). JUSTIFICATION ABOUT THE METHOD USED TO EVALUATE THE PROJECT The management has used Net Present Value method to evaluate whether the project is feasible or not. Although there are different project appraisal techniques such as Accenting Rate of Return (ARR), Payback Period, Profitability Index, Benefit to Cost Ratio (BCR), Internal Rate of Return and discounted payback period etc. However, the report discusses two of these techniques. ARR ad Profitability Index and compares these two techniques with NPV and justifies why NPV is a good method used to evaluate the feasibility of the project. NPV and Accounting Rate of Return Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) is the average return that the project would yield throughout its time period (Gitman, 2003). It can be calculated using the formula below: By using the above formula, ARR of the project is 27.24% It is better to use NPV than Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) as the NPV discounts the future cash flows whereas the ARR does not consider the time value of money. Therefore it is better for the management to use NPV as it will show the real value or worth of the project by considering the discount rate and even inflation rate but these rates are not considered by using the ARR. NPV and Profitability Index The other method that has been used to evaluate the feasibility of the project is the profitability index. Profitability index is calculated by following formula: The formula shows that profitability index considers the time value of money which accounting rate of return does not.

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