Need An Argumentative Essay On Project Management Palm Jumeirah Island Needs To

Need an argumentative essay on Project Management (Palm Jumeirah Island). Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

We will also provide an in-depth analysis using management theories of the case of Palm Jumeirah Island project, debating on the ways in which the project was implemented and planned, how it was created, the problems it faced that led to its downfall and the upcoming consequences of it.

Before going further into the discussion, let us look at Dubai and the importance of Jumeirah Palm being located there. The strategies employed in the creation of this project in Dubai have been embraced to expand the economy, especially the urban economy, striving for international city status and promoting the development of large scale projects. The formation of mega global projects afforded Dubai international status and attention as a country which attracts foreign visitors from different parts around the world (Azzam, 2002). The city in doing this, started to construct huge national real estate companies, embracing mega projects policy focusing on finance from the government, global and GCC investors (Taher & Hajjar, 2013). This led to the development of large transformation in the Dubai economy and population.

The Dubai coastline is considered one of the man-made features in the world to be visible from space, making it ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ (Boermeester, 2015). The creation of Jumeirah Palm Island remains one of largest urban operations that have been carried out in the last years in the world. Although the Jumeirah Palm Island has received praise from all over the world, its downfall has been evident with management including planning, designing and implementation theories. According to Malkin (2001), there have been plumbing issues at Jumeirah Palm Island and residents have been forced to visit lavatories in a mall and wash in the sea after a pipe in one of the apartments ruptured. There have been other issues with Jumeirah Palm Island that have caused its downfall ranging from poor

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