Need An Argumentative Essay On Public Administration Needs To Be 3 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Public administration. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

He further adds, should precaution measure be taken into place, disasters would not be so disastrous because preparedness would be the order of the day with leader being on the frontline championing for effective management of disasters.

The writers use game theories and Schelling curves to look at distributed decision making and show their usefulness in many classes of problems and in shaping the understanding of payoff functions for the problem in question. The major concept illustrated in the book by Gerstein, (2008) through those theories is that rarely is a disaster accidental, rather, there is always signs way before it happens. Theories, that disasters are bound to happen, can only be argued by leaders who are not ready to take responsibility of their actions because they tend to flirt with disaster. Decision making processes must be guided by previous disasters and leaders should not live in assumptions, disasters can be controlled if leaders in public administration lived up to their billing.

Chapter 1 examines the Columbia tragedy focusing on Rodney Rocha, a NASA engineer who tried to get the agency to determine the true risk to Columbia, but eventually giving up and later observing the tragedy occur. The second chapter explores hurricane Katrina and the question remains why so little was done when danger was imminent, according to Gerstein, (2008), if leaders were serious enough regarding their public duties, there would have been a damage control and the results would not have happened the way they happened. The space shuttle challenger and the chernobyl were next explored in the next chapters and again, warnings were ignored.

Another case explored is the vioxx study that led to numerous deaths in Vietnam only because the company in charge did not inform the public on the dangers when they found out, rather they continued to do research. &nbsp.In chapter 10 of the book,

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