Need An Argumentative Essay On Public Education Is Killing The Creativity Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Public Education is Killing the Creativity. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The main objective of developing an education system was not to nurture the talent and skills in people but rather to equip them with certain skills that would help bring up a pool of knowledgeable personnel to act as the labor force in the industries that were booming at the time. This ideology did not change even when the industrial era was over. since education kept on being passed like a culture and the old ideologies became perpetual through the time to the present as the same principles can be seen applicable to date (Robinson, 2011). Therefore, the idea of people being different with variable skills was not taken into consideration as a whole, because the educational idea focused only on developing academicians and not artists. It is at this juncture that interpersonal skills and talents that are embedded in various personalities were killed and buried as the educational system had no place for them. In essence, if one was not doing well in formal education he/she was readily regarded as a good for nothing as they would not provide any material well to the skilled workforce that was in need at the time (Robinson, 2011).

However, these principles have slightly changed over time to incorporate co-curriculum activities among the courses offered in the formal education syllabus but the art related subjects have little or no significance when it comes to the overall grading of the students. For instance, students who are good in subjects like mathematics and the sciences but poor in art and music are regarded brilliant and intelligent as opposed to those who are good in arts but weak in core subjects hence often regarding them as academic failures. Therefore, the ideal of over-emphasizing certain subjects over the others kills the morale of those that are good in the areas that are not strongly emphasized in the academic programme (Robinson, 2011).

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