Need An Argumentative Essay On Public Relations Through Effective Management Of

Need an argumentative essay on Public Relations through effective management of communication. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In diverging the historical approaches used and getting into new concepts of managing communication, the authors integrate theory and practice, with an emphasis on professionals as well as students. The inclusion of various cultures highlights the essence in communication and the importance of public relations in the field as well as in the school (Chen and Starosta, 2005). The book will thus be a vital source of information in the pursuit of use of management communication to enhance public relations.

Carlile, P. (2002). A pragmatic view of knowledge and boundaries: boundary Objects in New Product Development. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This study explores product development and the importance of influencing knowledge that relates to the same. Communication is the main media that results in an input of knowledge to a person and without such effectiveness in communication, there is no way that, such knowledge will be passed. A pragmatic view of the practice of knowledge is an investigation into how knowledge is passed over to function and thus used to affect a certain function according to Carlile (2002).

The main aim of using this article is to understand the reason as to why communication is relevant in almost all aspects of our daily lives. If knowledge is not impacted properly, there is bound to be a myriad of errors ranging from various perspectives, an issue that can only be solved through effective communication.

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