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Need an argumentative essay on Quality and environmental management systems 111. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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If Timmerhus wishes to integrate its QMS and EMS into a single system, then this can be achieved because the International Standards ISO 9000:2000 governing the QMS and ISO 14001:1996 have been designed in such a way as to be compatible with one another. Many organizations find integration easier when they have already implemented QMS (Darnall 2002, 143). These systems can thus be integrated to increase their overall effectiveness and to achieve efficiency in the use of organizational resources. Curkovic (2004, 164) explains that the two systems can be integrated with minimal extra expenditure to achieve significant synergy. The eight principles of QMS (Singhal and Singhal 2008, 15) and the five principles of EMS have much in common to enable them to be integrated to a great extent (Bose 2011, 380). For instance, much of the planning requirements for the QMS and EMS can be met by a single set of procedures and resources. For instance, the documentation requirements for QMS specified in Section 4.2 of ISO 9001, including documentation control and control of records, can be prepared through the same procedures used to prepare the EMS documentation required under Section 4.4.4 of ISO 14001. …

Communication channels can also be integrated for the two systems. Finally, the internal audit required under Section 8.2.2 of ISO 9001 and the EMS audit required under Section 4.5.4 of ISO 14001 can also be achieved through an integrated system that uses a common pool of organizational resources and processes (Whitelaw 2004, 133). In general, a number of activities including planning, management review, internal audit and control mechanisms can be shared in common by the QMS and EMS in an integrated system. Kymal (2004, 74) recommends a common internal communication system for the integrated QMS and EMS. However, Timmerhus management needs to ascertain whether the employees are sufficiently fluent in the use of the existing QMS system to make the integration of the new EMS system a profitable decision. Significant Environmental Aspects of Timmerhus UK Ltd Although prefabricated construction is said to be environmentally friendly compared to traditional forms of construction, the likelihood of Timmerhus having significant environmental aspects of its own manufacturing processes and operations cannot be excluded. The company is likely to have an impact on the environment as a result of its use of natural resources in the process of manufacturing, transportation of supplies and finished goods, and in the disposal of defective items and waste. These actions can have an impact on the communities and the natural environment. Hence, it is essential that the company be aware of such environmental impacts and take steps to address them in its environmental policy and the EMS.

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