Need An Argumentative Essay On Question Tearing Down The Foundation Or The Insti

Need an argumentative essay on Question: Tearing down the foundation or the institution of the Electoral College from American politics will create room for a much better and healthier democracy. What is your take on this. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

That’s why people have died for it, and our democracy is diminished when even one American is denied that right” (Peterson, 1986). Democracy is also diminished when Americans decide not to exercise that right. Voter apathy levels in this country are partly to blame on the Electoral College. Many states are predestined red or blue so there is little incentive to wait in line at the polling booth. One person, one vote. it’s a simple concept blurred by the antiquated and patently unfair Electoral College process. If it makes sense in a democracy to elect all offices ranging from dog catcher to U.S. Senator by popular vote, then it makes sense for the highest office.

Advocates of election reform wish to either do away with the Electoral College system completely and replace it with the direct popular vote or repair perceived defects in the existing system by implementing one of several Electoral College reform proposals. Following several close elections in 1960, 1968, 1976 and 2000, the House of Representatives bowed to public sentiment and proposed constitutional amendments providing for direct election but never received the required the two-thirds majority approval necessary to then submit it for states passage. Alternatives to the current system include the Direct Election, National Bonus, Proportional Plans and District Plans. This discussion will provide alternatives and the rational for and against each to examine how likely it would be for these reforms to materialize into a Constitutional amendment. It also stresses the importance of changing the Electoral College explaining the reasons this system is a threat to democracy itself and recommends solutions for reforming other aspects of the electoral system that must be enacted in tandem with changes in the Electoral College.

Under this plan, each voter would be eligible to directly cast a vote for the president. one person, one vote. The Electoral

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