Need An Argumentative Essay On Racialized Images Of Women Femininity Beauty Mate

Need an argumentative essay on Racialized images of women: femininity, beauty, maternity, sexuality. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It is perceived that attractive appearances of people tend to portray them as leading their life in a healthier and happier manner. Moreover, the perception that prevails throughout irrespective of gender or race is that “what is beautiful is good” (Cheng 1). This aspect or thinking of people has created a negative impact such that people, who are unattractive face teasing because of their appearances or color. It was believed that people with physical attractiveness were supposed to have positive thoughts as compared to other people. This aspect of physical appearances has influenced the social outlook of people. In this context, as per the American culture even today physical attractiveness is given importance, in order to seek women’s gender expectation as well as identity in comparison to men. Women appearances are regarded as a social determinant in order to provide them with employment and social desirability as well as consider them at a hierarchical position (Cheng 1-122). This aspect even prevails in the present day, which influences women to be more attentive regarding their looks and presentation. In this study, the paper intends to evaluate the importance of physical appearances, colors and body image of women. The paper also intends to elaborate the concept of femininity, beauty, maternity and sexuality based on the racialized images of women.

White American and African American women were treated differently based on their color and physical appearances. It is observed that white women are classified as beautiful on the basis of their body images and are treated as an object rather than as a strong individuality. Contextually, it can be stated that women since past decades have been oppressed by men due to gender biases. Women were regarded as sexual objects all through however, discrimination based on the complexion was prominent within the race. It was observed that beauties of women specifically from the white Americans were

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