Need An Argumentative Essay On Real World Quadratic Functions Needs To Be 2 Page

Need an argumentative essay on Real World Quadratic Functions. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In different applications every individual is interested in searching for the maximum and minimum value. The maximum value of the variable that is dependent should be the 2nd coordinate of the vertex in the graph which shows a parabola that opens downward, whereas the minimum value of the variable that is dependent should the 2nd coordinate of the vertex in a graph which shows a parabola that opens upward (Carson, Gillespie, & Jordan, 2010).

This is important for the manager because it provides information to him/her about the maximum or minimum profit. In the given case the graph shows the manger that how many of the clerks are required to attain the maximum profit. This graph also helps the manager in creating a relationship between the number of clerks and the profit earned and from that relation he or she can determine the ideal situation that is required for getting maximum profit, Whereas in case if the manager cannot attain the ideal situation he or she can use the graph and can use it to find out the maximum number that he or she can attain. If ideal conditions are not met then the manager cannot achieve the maximum

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