Need An Argumentative Essay On Reality Therapy Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Reality Therapy. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Therapy educators carry out research on what multiculturalism is rather than how to endorse it. There is also a need to look into clinical practice in the section of multicultural therapy.

Theoretical orientations significantly affect many counsellors’ helping techniques. Even if the assumptions of therapists around the world are often independent of the dominant theoretical orientations, some values underlie these theories and can easily affect the counselling interaction. Furthermore, cultural encapsulation is an issue for therapists and the entire theoretical orientations. Culturally skilled therapists should be active in becoming well aware of their individual assumptions about values, nature, biases and other characteristics of human beings. It is also crucial to have a good relationship with the clients.

Roger’s person-cantered theory states that all human beings have the ability to become wholly functioning. It provides an environment where individuals can fully explore themselves. With the help of therapists, clients are made to be open and willing to talk about their problems as well as having the ability to trust themselves. In this therapy, the therapist is an active listener, and the statements made by the clients are reflected as well as clarified. The therapist has a responsibility of providing a positive regard in order to assist clients in the process of self-exploration. It uses active listening and good in respecting values of the clients. This makes the clients accept and understand themselves more. It is, therefore, suitable for multicultural counselling. Additionally, cultural diversity is welcomed in this theory, and it is liberal. It is a favourable approach to use when a culture of people is diverse. Because the client have the responsibility to assume the direction of the therapy, and this may not be appropriate if

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