Need An Argumentative Essay On Recycling Reducing And Reusing Needs To Be 4 Page

Need an argumentative essay on Recycling, Reducing and Reusing. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Moreover, the examination of the recycling procedure with appropriate examples will also be discussed in the essay.

The selected recycle journal template is comprised of diverse sorts of products that can be effortlessly recycled as well as reused. These products encompass newspapers, aluminum cans, milk jugs, glass bottles, magazines, water bottles and detergent containers among others. Moreover, the units of the aforesaid products can also be identified to be portrayed in the selected recycling journal template (Argosy University Online Programs, 2011). It can be affirmed in this similar concern that recycling is the method based on which a community can diminish wastes. Waste minimization is necessary to curtail the quantity of the waste materials to be recycled. It is worth mentioning that by recycling, reducing along with reusing the wastes, the selected community i.e. Fayetteville City will be able to decompose the waste products and also in generating greater awareness about the importance of recycle in the community.

Specially mentioning, the quantity of waste products that are to be recycled is mainly determined by two important factors. These include the population of a particular community and the consumption patterns of the items. In coming years, it is projected that the population of Fayetteville City may increase. Thus, with the increase in the population, it is anticipated that there will be a subsequent increase in the volume of the waste products to be recycled. Based on the provided recycling journal template, the total unit including all the waste products that have to be recycled is 51 (Argosy University Online Programs, 2011). Therefore, it reflects that the total garbage, which could be recycled by the community i.e. Fayetteville City is 10424808 units. The calculation has been presented hereunder.

It is vivid that a huge figure of total waste products can be recycled and reused. The thrash, which could be

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