Need An Argumentative Essay On Refilction Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Plagiari

Need an argumentative essay on Refilction. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Although many aspects of leadership require that lay down a set of rules for directives which stakeholders should follow, spirituality is one of the only determinants that will be discussed within this five-part analysis that is completely concentric upon the way in which the individual leader the Hanes himself/herself. Challenge – is a compound of leadership that is not only necessary for the leader, but also necessary for the stakeholders. Although most people derive a sense of satisfaction from many different determinants, challenge is one of the most universal. What is meant by this is the fact that will be most fulfilled in his/her responsibilities by performing tasks and functions that represents something of a challenge to the ability that he/she is able to bring to bear. In much the same way, the fulfillment of the individual stakeholders/employees will most be affected by a degree of challenge within their own respective work. Whereas no one would be fulfilled by a monotonous and unchallenging job that requires little to no creativity or problem-solving skills, the converse be said with regards to the level of the filament which can be derived from a job that provides a type of challenge and encourages the individual to maximize their potential and strengths. Friendship – no matter how good the leader is and no matter how effective his/her strategies might be, there is a high level of efficiency that can be affected by treating one’s colleagues, superiors, and subordinates with a level of friendship. This is particularly dangerous concept due to the fact that it has been proven that the work environment should remain professional. However, what is meant by engaging in a level of friendship with all of the stakeholders in the process is that they should be treated with the courtesy, kindness, acceptance, and respect that one would give to their own friends. Although they may indeed not be close friends outside of the work environment, this level of respect and admiration for the unique skills and qualities that they bring only helps to facilitate the work process and encourages each and every member of the organization to perform at their peak capacity. The leader should understand that even though a level of friendship is engaged with the stakeholders, he/she should not feel that they are continually among friends and not required to display a level of professionalism at all times. Loyalty – whereas all of the other aspects which have been discussed up until this point are some what unidirectional, the issue of loyalty is something that is very specifically multidirectional. What is meant by this is that the leader/manager that attempts to engage in level of loyalty with respect to both his superiors and subordinates will necessarily have this level of loyalty returns to them in time. Although loyalty should not be engaged in as a means of getting something in return, this action allows for each and every stakeholder in the process to come to the understanding that the leader in question prizes loyalty and its compounded parts above all other things. In this way, a feeling of confidence and increased efficiency will be generated whereby each and every stakeholder is secure in the knowledge that they have loyal colleagues who are not merely engaged in the

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