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Need an argumentative essay on Reflective Using Gibbs Model of Reflection. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This model, as well serves as a structural framework and model for learning with the purpose of serving a profession (Crough, S, 2002). It is particularly quite applicable to various health related professions (Jay, T, 1995). It is indispensable that virtually all the portfolios of any practice would include a model of reflection since reflection is a tool that aids in determining the positives, negatives or a learning experience in the profession. As a practice that is widely impressed in the nursing profession, the reflective practice helps in highlighting the importance of nurses learning from experience after having thought about it, as well as relating the practical experience to approaches of the theoretical learning (Atkins, S, &amp. Murphy, K, 2002). The most impressed model in nursing and clinical portfolio is the Gibbs model (1988). This assignment is a reflective essay that relates to my own views concerning the health promotion, the common value dilemmas associated with health promotion, as well as the values underpinning it. The assignment utilizes the Gibbs (1988) model of reflection in reflecting upon the health promotion activity that was undertaken in a certain secondary care setting.

It looks at how operations are done using the case of a specific patient who had K-wires removed from his hand with some literature that supports the associated health benefits. It is vital to gain an understanding of the concept of health promotion as used in today’s environments. Health promotion helps one to empower and educate people in making lifestyle choices for the promotion of their health, as well as help in disease prevention. However, achieving this can be challenging especially where the individual health beliefs tend to differ significantly. According to Ghaye and Lillyman (2000) such a concept tends to change with demands. Health promotion is delivered by the health workers although it has increasing become politically driven being the nation’s health changes (Haddock, J, &amp. Bassett, C, 1997). Strategies for health promotion can easily be influenced by the NHS financial demands. The Department of health reported over ninety thousand deaths yearly all of which are attributed to operation related errors alone (Boud, D, &amp. Keogh, R, 2005). Following this, healthcare professionals are, therefore, tasked in assisting and motivating patients affected by some operation errors. The Gibbs (1988) model encourages a clear description of events, evaluation, as well as giving the analysis of the situation alongside the drawing of the conclusion in consideration of the relative information. For purposes of this essay, as well as for purposes of protecting the patient’s identity, I have made use of the pseudonym Amos. By doing this, I have complied with Nursing and midwife Council (NMC) that states that all people are entitled to right of confidentiality (Chesney, M, 2003). Description. I was a student nurse working in an exceptionally busy medical ward when the health promotion activity did occur. The learning outcomes for this placement to me were mainly admission, discharging of patients, as well as taking part in health promotion activities. During my first week of my first placement, I was tasked with observing and assisting in the removal of K-wires from the hand of Amos. This is because my supernumerary status, gave me an allowance to have a more patient dedicated time that attributed to this event. Amos was young, foreign and with nobody accompanying him. Amos was frightened of the operation procedure, and he thus asked me about the details of the extent the operation would hurt and how long it would take.

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