Need An Argumentative Essay On Relationship Between Social Problems And Social P

Need an argumentative essay on Relationship between Social Problems and Social Policy-making Process. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This research will begin with the statement that many people are yet to understand the importance, the value and the essence of social policy. Some people have a misguided misconception that social policy is a burden to the state, regarding it as a disparaging and unnecessary load on the shoulders of the society. Others further believe that social policies are a tool of undermining the entrepreneurial spirit that should be cultivated in people. It has been termed by others as a discouragement of work and savings and promotes a huge but unnecessary dependence on the arms of the governing bodies. However, a wide body of research that has been provided in the recent past has shown that social policy, indeed, is a necessary tool for the well being of any society. With proper programs and sound planning, social policy has a lot of advantages and proves effective in promoting the social and in improving the lives of society members. Social policies should not be seen as a burden inherited from one regime to another but rather, should be seen as a role and responsibility that one regime inherits from a previous one, all aimed at enhancing the well being of the society. Social policy refers to all laid down philosophies, conventions, regulations and even activities that all have an effect or influence on the quality of living conditions on human beings. To a greater extent, social policy can be described as actions that are undertaken and have an effect on any individuals’ lives by monitoring the distribution and right to have and use the goods and the resources that are available in the society. The importance of social policy cannot be under-looked. However, it is important to note that the role that social policies play does not make it a mechanism of human altruism. Social policy, therefore, is pertinent to any growth and well-being of any society. It promotes social relations that are imperative for the whole society’s well being. Presently, the process and development of policy-making have greatly changed and taken a whole new angle. An in-depth analysis of developments in social policy through time reveals much about the relationship between social problems and the social policy-making process. Social problems have become an issue of concern to every nation. There are many social problems in the society, but their intensity varies depending on the economy, political development and the social status of any particular society.

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