Need An Argumentative Essay On Rene Descartes As The Father Of Modern Philosophy

Need an argumentative essay on Rene Descartes As The Father Of Modern Philosophy. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

A unique connection between psychology and philosophy may be hard to understand as psychology is considered as a pure science. However, the methods used by Psychologists to study the mind, however, are directly driven by philosophy and its underlying rules and methods. The contribution of therefore from philosophers like Descartes is considered as vital for the development of psychology as a field of study. Though the field of psychology as a serious discipline evolved little later, however, Descartes was one of the early philosophers who attempted to discuss it from a different perspective at great length. Psychology, however, developed later as a field of science but its philosophical roots and the seriousness with which the mind as a metaphysical subject was perused started much earlier. (Turner, 1965)

Rene Descartes is considered as the first modern philosopher and is known mostly for his work on the connection between algebra and geometry. This was an amazing contribution as it allowed the solution of geometric problems with the help of algebra.

Descartes was born on 31st March 1596 to a father who was a lawyer and Magistrate. His mother died in the year of his birth, therefore, his and other siblings’ upbringing was mostly done by his grandmother. Since his father was a busy person, therefore, he remained out of the family matters for the most part of his life. (Grene, 1998)

His early education was in the Canon and Civil Law which he completed in the year 1615 from the University of Poitiers, France. However, at the age of 22, he enlisted himself in Army, however. it is unclear as to what his exact duties were in Army. It is also, however, believed that he was serving in the so-called engineering wing of the army.

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