Need An Argumentative Essay On Report 8 For Rabbi School Needs To Be 4 Pages Ple

Need an argumentative essay on Report #8 for Rabbi School. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The authors consider this practice wrong. According to them, the study of Jewish holidays should include their celebration or a rehearsal of their celebration. In other words, the authors believe that it is necessary to give students the opportunity to learn not only the theoretical but also the practical part of the Jewish holidays. Thus, the task of the book is to enable the students to learn the importance of the Jewish holidays as a result of understanding the practical implementation of these holidays. The authors draw attention to the fact that Judaism is a religion of action. In this regard, the holidays are playing a key role. They suggest a religious understanding of their significance within Judaism. Celebrating Jewish holidays involves a combination of two elements, namely the practical “we do” and the theoretical “we realize.” For this reason, experiencing the Jewish holidays pursues the following three objectives: 1) to help students experience the action, characters and words of each of the celebrations, 2) to promote students ability to reflect on their experiences and the values ​​of these experiments, and finally, 3) to promote the participation of families in the Jewish holidays.

The authors regard their book as a result of the impact of experiential education. Its positive value is seen in the fact that it teaches students not only to celebrate the various Jewish holidays. It teaches students to reflect on their values ​​using their practical experience of the celebration. This way of understanding the Jewish holidays is seen as the most appropriate and effective within the framework of the need to realize the meaning of the Jewish holidays. In addition, the methodology of this book involves the active participation of parents and other close relatives of the students in understanding the Jewish holidays. The authors emphasize that the Jewish holidays involve the active participation of all members of a Jewish

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