Need An Argumentative Essay On Report And Roadmap About An Emerging Technology N

Need an argumentative essay on Report and roadmap about an emerging technology. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

chnology roadmap that sets out key milestones and activities occurring in the course of developing the technology, milestones in technical development required in the future, and key activities for supporting future technical as well as commercial development of the project. In addition, other relevant factors for its past or its future are considered.

The milestone in developing the artificial uterus can be attributed to development of the artificial placenta. A significant progress in the pump technology and the oxygenator has allowed the development of the artificial uterus to focus in the direction of the physiological role model in the coming years. Again, this development has been enhanced by the invention of the novel pump-less assist device.

The milestones required in the technical development in the future include submersion, inflammatogenicity and thrombogenicity, and cannulation. These requirements are discussed further in the paper. They are initiated in the presence of various aspects that are considered in the development of the artificial uterus such as artificial endometrium, artificial placenta, and synthetic amniotic fluid. For the artificial endometrium, the interior lining of the uterus has to have the same features as the natural one. Regarding the artificial placenta, it has to in a position of developing on the endometrial wall or as an external device and its capacity has to allow nutrients, gaseous exchange and eliminate waste products. The synthetic amniotic fluid on the other hand would be considered an important component in the success of the project.

Regarding its future market, the development of the artificial uterus is a safer way for women. Ladies will able to have children without the cost of labor pains or cesarean surgery scars. Moreover, it gives women, who have childbearing difficulties, the opportunity to have children. Women will have the liberty that would not have come with having a normal pregnancy, as keeping up with

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