Need An Argumentative Essay On Report Of App Design Which Is Mnchester Bus Times

Need an argumentative essay on Report of app design which is (Mnchester bus times). Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Manchester bus time’s application has several features, which make it a favorite application for the users. The most distinguished element of the application is the route maps, which will empower all passengers on the various areas the buses, have access. The invention of route maps was to allow people to be well versed with different areas even those who may not know the area or bus network well. For this reason, route maps were a necessary feature on the application. Live information is another notable feature on the application and it entails notifying the passengers on the different undertakings of the buses. Through live information, feature passengers can have access to all the transport information they need without having to download or wait for prior schedules (Travel Manchester, pg 5, 2010). The live information feature will cut across all the modes of transportation- city buses, tram networks, and trains. In addition, the application has the feature of favorite stops, which shows the transport networks’ regular stops.

The Manchester bus time’s application has several usages the major one being provision of journey information to passengers in an accessible way. Before the invention of the application, the only accessible information concerning journeys was that from the operator’s point of view. This means that passengers could not have access to data that was relevant to their needs and had to work with the operators’ data. Since the inception of the application, passengers of public transport can now get journey data regarding different transport networks.

Manchester Bus Time application has received enormous support from its users because of its ease of use. Manchester bus time application is a smart phone application, which means that passengers can have right to use all the transport information they require at the touch of a button on their smart

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