Need An Argumentative Essay On Report Of Desert Safary In Dubai Needs To Be 8 Pa

Need an argumentative essay on Report of Desert Safary in dubai. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

26% of the respondents visited Dubai because of its deserts. 34% respondents visited for enjoying the beaches. 25% of the respondents wanted to experience the nightlife. and the rest were curious about Dubai’s culture.

22% of the respondents rated the trip as very good. 34% of the respondents rated it to be good. 21% of the respondents took a neutral standpoint. 15% of the respondents rated the trip as bad. 8% rated the safari as very bad.

42% of the respondents booked their trip with Arabian Adventures. 22% of the respondents booked their trip with Fun Tours, 18% of the respondents booked their trip with Arabian Safari Trips. 12% chose Dubai Adventure Safari and the rest chose other tour service operators that were not mentioned in the options.

Majority of the respondents (38%) liked overnight stay in the desert as the most beautiful part of the trip. 21% liked BBQ dinner arrangement. 8% liked camel rides. 12% of the respondents liked sand skiing. 10% of the respondents enjoyed weather in the desert the most. 4% of the respondents liked the wildlife and the rest enjoyed overall environment.

24% of the respondents enjoy parties organized by their friends and relatives the most. 39% respondents enjoy the nightclubs, 24% of the respondents liked the fact that they could drink without any restrictions. 9% respondents liked the sex tourism aspect in Dubai. whereas the rest provided other answers, which were not adequately relevant.

Respondent 1: According to respondent 1, the choice to go for the desert safari was driven by the fact that the respondent had visited several places that had beaches. This time, the respondent wanted to experience something new, which has not been done as per respondent’s to do list.

Respondent 2: As far as respondent 2 was concerned, the individual wanted to experience the overnight stay during the trip. The respondent was fascinated after hearing about BBQ dinner arrangements and belly dancing program, following the

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