Need An Argumentative Essay On Report On Building And Programming A Lego Mindsto

Need an argumentative essay on Report On Building and Programming a LEGO Mindstorm Robot. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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The very first Mindstorms Robotic invention Kit comprised of two motors, two touches of sensors and a single light sensor, and yet performed well, although many improvements made on the kit comprises a number of parts. There has been an increase in the uses of these robots in daily lives (Costlow 47). In fact, engineers use these models to build a model of an embedded system with computer controlled electromechanical parts. In reality, various real life systems have borrowed a lot from these robotic models by embedding them in different systems such as elevators and industrial robots. Increasingly, many of these appliances and equipment borrow from this idea. Therefore, schools have taken to teaching engineering practices using these tools. In a group, students undertook to build a robot. Following is the report compiled after they finished exercise.

Before starting the process of building and programming a LEGO, planning the procedure is the initial step of the whole process. Before commencing with the process, deciding what the group wanted to build was the first step (“Robotics Design Process”). All the required materials should be available and fully meet the requirements of the specific robot in mind. Although most of the items work for different robots, some require special parts. Methodology used in building and programming the LEGO Robot Research Research in LEGO robot building includes conducting a review of the various robots done by different people and the materials they used. Deciding on the various tasks the robot should do was one of the most important researches made. The research is a process that requires deciding on whether or not the robot can go up objects, have two or four wheels and the kind of tasks the robot can handle. Writing down the requirements helped in planning the entire robot and making sure that nothing failed. Before the assembling process begun, all the materials were availed. By conducting a research on the various robots successfully made, it made it possible to add some features to make it work better. The best source of information was on blogs that have written about these robots, analysis of the performance of the robots and the LEGO website. Division the work Assembling a good robot that works properly and handles its intended tasks is not a simple task. It requires dedicated teams that show readiness and willingness to handle on every single task that assigned to them. The team settled on dividing tasks amongst themselves in order to avoid conflict of roles. For the success of any group work, members need to work as a team and show dedication in their roles. Working as a team gives better output and a more quality work as different people perform different tasks with different capacities and have different capabilities. Assembling The assembling process is one of the most exciting stages of the building process. Putting the different parts to the drawn model according to the directions provided by the user manual makes a worker feel excited and happy (The Engineer 26). They started the process from the base and proceeded upwards to other parts. Experts and instructors insist on building a strong base that can hold the material without falling apart. Therefore, they picked the most talented person in engineering to put the entire base together as we contributed ideas on the design and the look of the robot. It had to be big enough to handle many roles and successfully serve its purpose.

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