Need An Argumentative Essay On Research Proposal 2 Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Research proposal 2. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In Texas, a nurse practitioner who works with adult patients in their homes is mandated to see these patients between six months to a year depending on the sector. In private sectors, the nurse practitioners see the patients’ once a year, if the patient is in a home health they are seen by the physician or nurse practitioner on initial admission or at least in the last 90 days prior to admission (Hess, Lynn, Conforti, & Holmboe, 2011). In federal or state sectors, the nurse practitioners visit is once a year or as needed.

“For adult patients 50 yrs. old or greater with hypertension, will increasing the Nurse practitioners visit from three times a year to every six weeks improve medication compliance and reduction in exacerbation of patients’ condition?

Increasing the number of visits made by nursing practitioners to aged patients with hypertension can be effective in enhancing the patients’ capacity to comply with medication and reduce exacerbation of patients’ condition.

Aged patients with hypertension – within the context of this research these are the participants of the study, are individuals aged between 50 and 75, diagnosed with hypertension, and are on medication.

The sample will be selected for a population of men aged between fifty and seventy-five years of age. Individuals included within the research will be those diagnosed with hypertension and are under medication, which they are taking from their residence. Hospitalized individuals under medication will not be included within the research sample, as the aspect of compliance to medication cannot be established. Because of the specificity of the desired sample, non-probability sampling will be utilized in selecting the study sample. Convenience sampling will be utilized as the researchers will only utilize the available individuals who meet the study requirements and who are willing to participate in the research. The sample

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