Need An Argumentative Essay On Rewrite Short Story Needs To Be 4 Pages Please No

Need an argumentative essay on Rewrite short story. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Paper and ink, a smudge and a smear. On occasion they seemed to fill the whole room, leaving her gasping for breath.

Her window became her portal to the outside world. For the whole of the day, for many days on end, her gaze took in the happenings of the street. The boy would occasionally come into view. There were fewer crashes on the bike, a dog was seen in his company on occasion and when not a dog, companions.

Once, when the weather was foul and the first biting cold of an autumn permeated the panes, she withdrew to her desk. Her skin was becoming as paper so she studied her hands, wondering what she should do with such white hands. From under the door came two letters. Both were proper notes. One written in the flowing, masculine hand of the man and the other in the cramped text of the boy. Snow was coming soon, reported the man. The cat had kittens, said the boy.

Taking her pen, she first traced the letters of the man’s hand, again and again until the paper was sodden with ink and besmirched beyond legibility. She began with the boy but found the construction of the letters so contrived she immediately destroyed both in the fire.

Returning to the desk, she made to write. She would write to herself of the views from the window each day for some time. She did not need reports from them. They were sodden and trying. Her first note would be to the man. I can no longer read your news. Please understand. I know you will. She wrote nothing to the boy. Placing both notes under the door, one written and one blank, she returned to the desk.

Paper and ink were now life and air to her. Sheaves of fine paper were now to be had, transpired from hand to hand through the door. The new girl was capable from what she could tell. Her nighttime jaunts into the kitchen for sustenance and use of the privy were sometimes enriched with a sweet on a plate for her. Who placed it there she had not idea. The sweet was devoured at the table,

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