Need An Argumentative Essay On Risk Assessment By Identification Of Hazard Needs

Need an argumentative essay on Risk Assessment by Identification of Hazard. Needs to be 23 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In the old patients, falls, in combination with the underlying risks factors such as medications, postural hypotension, and weakness in the lower extremity are often considered as symptoms of acute medical problem (Papaioannou et al., 2004. Queen Mary College, undated). Targeted assessment and intervention inclusive of medications review and modification of the environment are allowed whenever those at risk are being identified (Papaioannou et al., 2004). Risk assessment is a valuable tool that helps to improve the work and delivery care system among the managers and clinical staff (National Patient Safety Agency, 2006). Falls risk assessment is defined as a process identified as systemic and comprehensive used to recognize the risk for falling of an individual (Victorian Government Health Information, 2008). Victorian Government Health Information added that the falls risk assessment tool indicates implemented intervention, and facilitates limited resources’ effective utilisation. Potential and actual risks will be reduced and opportunities to improve healthcare will be identified if NHS organisations identifies, assess, learn, and manage risks and incidents systematically (National Patient Safety Agency, 2006). National Patient Safety Agency (2008) also defined risk assessment as a systematic and effective method of risk identification and the most cost effective means to minimize or remove the risk. Risk assessment is an essential part in the programme of risk management, and encompasses the process of analysis.

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