Need An Argumentative Essay On Roles Expectations And Competencies Needs To Be 3

Need an argumentative essay on Roles Expectations and Competencies. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Furthermore, responsibilities such as promoting professionals and improving services for the providers of continuing education should be performed effectively. The nurse educator should further have the ability to enhance the quality of the services provided by the health education specialist. Moreover, the nurse educator should be responsible for supporting and promoting the profession in order to earn considerable recognition among the patients (NCHEC, 2008). National League for Nursing (NLN) has provided certain competencies and responsibilities required for academic educators. Firstly, the candidate should facilitate learning along with teaching strategies suitable for learner needs, required learner results, content and context. Furthermore, the candidate should effectively practice evidence-based teaching in order to provide clear understanding to the health specialists. Secondly, the candidate should be responsible to develop nurses and incorporate behaviors and values which are expected to fit in the role. Moreover, the candidate should have the ability in providing various sources to diverse learners in order to meet their individual learning needs. Thirdly, the candidate should implement various strategies for assessing and evaluating the practices of the health specialist students in order to enhance the teaching-learning process (National League for Nursing, 2005). In addition, the candidate should be responsible for participating in course design and making evaluation of the program results for the development of healthcare trends and for preparing health specialists to function efficiently in the healthcare industry. The candidate should identify that their roles are multidimensional thus, requiring a higher level of commitment for development and maintaining advanced competencies. Furthermore, the candidate is required to participate in professional development prospects that enhance the effectiveness of their specified roles. Moreover, the candidate should exhibit the qualities of scholar, such as creativity, integrity, vitality and perseverance. Last but not the least, the candidate should have the ability to identify the factors of social, political, economical and institutional factors that help to promote higher education as a foundation for making effective recommendations and decisions (National League for Nursing, 2005). Descriptions of Each of the Three Positions Advertisement of Quintiles The advertisement provided by Quintiles in order to recruit Nurse Educator field-based, specified that the candidate should be greatly enthusiastic in leading a team of health specialist for delivering excellence in care to its clients. The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or extensive industry/clinical experience. Preference would be given to the candidates who have an experience of Rheumatology/Gastrointestinal (GI) along with the passion and enthusiasm for providing excellent services to the clients (Quintiles, 2012). As a nurse educator, the candidate should be responsible for coordinating and supervising all the sections of clinical care along with providing training to the educators and staff facilities. Thus, according to the competency statements mentioned above, the requirements of the advertisement appropriately fulfill the descriptions posted on the advertisement.

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