Need An Argumentative Essay On Sales And Marketing In Marriott Uk Needs To Be 6

Need an argumentative essay on Sales and Marketing in Marriott UK. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

For this&, a research survey will be conducted to enable the researcher to develop a deeper understanding of the sales and marketing in Marriott UK. Based on the result of the research study, the researcher will provide a recommendation on how the hotel manager in Marriott could increase its profitability.

In general, a strategic questioning is highly correlated with the accuracy and validity of the survey results such that the data that has been collected through an interview process and other data gathering techniques must always be appropriate to the research question of the study. For this reason, it is necessary for the interviewer to properly prepare the type of questions to be asked of each participant. (Richards, 2003, Chapter 2. Richards, 2006)

The only way to achieve good quality questionnaires is by thorough proper understanding and analysis of the main purpose of the study. Since this study is designed to determine an effective marketing strategy that could significantly increase sales of Marriott UK, the researcher designed the survey questionnaire in a way that it could enable the researcher to accurately determine the specific areas that need to be improved in order to increase the customer satisfaction of each tourist who is currently staying at Marriott UK. (See Appendix I – Survey Questionnaire on page 10)

According to Keith Richard (2006), ‘understanding the research process is important when a researcher has chosen to adopt a qualitative research study in order to avoid heading in a wrong direction.’ Once the researcher has already written a list of possible survey questions, it is essential for the researcher to go through the questions again in order to detect any specific questions that need to be refined.

Basically, there is absolutely no limitation as to how an interview should be conducted.

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