Need An Argumentative Essay On Sales Manual For Strategically Planning A Sales P

Need an argumentative essay on Sales Manual for Strategically Planning a Sales Presentation. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, the company has established sales distribution chain to reach the customers. The company has distributors worldwide to distribute the products to the wholesalers. In most occasions, the company has standardized supply chain to sell its products. The distributors get the products directly from the company. They distribute mainly to the wholesalers. However, Cadbury products are very perishable and they require few distribution channels. These distributors may sell the products to the final consumers but at a retail price. The wholesalers, on the other hand, sell directly to the retailers and to the final consumers. Although the chain of distribution is flexible, they are guided by the regulations. For instance, the price per unit to the final consumers is the same, but B2B price is subsidized. This will ensure business harmony in all transactions.

Personal selling refers to oral or verbal communication with the potential customers of the Cadbury products with the aim of increasing the sales. This approach has been very important because it focuses on developing a concrete relationship with the consumers or the buyers. Furthermore, it is one of the elements of the promotion mix as well as an effective tool of promotion.

Prospecting-the company has used personal selling in looking for new customers to buy the products. Like any other business, the company continuously looks for new markets for its products as this is the way to measure the growth of the company. By looking for many markets, the company can increase its sales and maximize the profits. Personal selling plays a significant role in realizing this.

Communicating- personal selling is more expressional than any other approach. This is the most suitable way of explaining to both the existing and new clients of the range of the products. Customers get instant feedback to their questions about the products hence easy to persuade them to make purchasing decisions.


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