Need An Argumentative Essay On Samping And Data Collection Needs To Be 3 Pages P

Need an argumentative essay on Samping and Data Collection. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Therefore, when carrying out the research, they will be the target population.

The main advantage of direct observation is that it gives direct access to the customers without relying on reports made by the client (Freedman, Pisani & Purves, 1978). This is because one actually observes and records the purchasing routines of the client. Therefore, it avoids the many problems associated with an interview or questionnaire form of sampling (Hays, 1981). For example, an individual may not accurately remember their purchasing pattern. In connection to this, there is a likely hood most customers will respond in a manner that they actually feel that they should be purchasing. However, in real life situation they may behave differently.

The data will be collected through observation, taking notes and using store security camera. Whenever the customers enter the store they will be monitored on which product they are buying and which ones they prefer asking their whereabouts. This information will be recorded down. However, the observation will be done in a professional way so as to avoid scaring the customer. In addition, at the end of the day the interior cameras will also be used to analyze the client’s movement and their choice of goods (Hays, 1981).

All the collected data will be recorded in a notebook and will be stored in a lockable file cabinet. This data will also be backed up by a computer and other storage media which also be kept in the

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