Need An Argumentative Essay On Self And Nature Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Self and nature. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The poet in the odes of wine describes the color of wine. The poet compares the color of wine to both day and night and the texture as smooth as a golden sword. The poem has employed metaphors and rhyme to illustrate this. The poet also uses wine to develop the theme of love. The wine and grapes enhance imagery in describing the lover. Sipping of wine among intelligent people reminds them of hard labor in making the wine during autumn. The poet personifies the earth as ‘his’ while describing the growth of the grapes. This serves to give the earth an attribute similar to that of humans in giving life.

The poet in “odes to the artichoke” heavily employs imagery to show the defense mechanism of this vegetable. The poet, through personification illustrates the surrounding vegetable,’crazy vegetable’. The odes show various uses of vegetables in homes. Through imagery the poet illustrates the theme of war by using phrases like, militia, ranks and marshal. The last stanza of the odes shows the use of the artichoke vegetable.

The poets in the three odes above profoundly use imagery to communicate important points. Personification has been used to help the reader build mental pictures of the items and provide them with things they can relate

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