Need An Argumentative Essay On Shakespeare S Othello Theme And Characterization

Need an argumentative essay on Shakespeare’s Othello theme and characterization. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.


Lago characterization is basically presentation of black sheep in the societies that how they play with individual’s life and destroys them. Their mind games are of pure evilness and immorality. utmost desire to get power, wealth & ranks can lead them to do any spiteful task. Lago in the quest of such desires makes a big spectrum in which he plays with many individual’s life and creates conflicts in between them so that he would lead to the ultimate path of success. His agenda is self fulfilment of worldly desire for which he would take any step (Rees, 186). The theme of the author is to concentrate readers on such kind of devil-men who are present in the human race.

Othello is depicted as hero in the novel. however his did some immoral acts due to ignorance about the occurrence of certain events. Lago is the main person behind this whole game plan. The writer wanted to depict that sometimes even good people can commit crime due to ignorance, resentment, jealousy, envy and unawareness but their agenda is not to prevail destruction among the society. Their acts are in the light of presented facts and figures and thus they feel resentful inside thus take bitter actions. Othello killed her wife due to genuine misunderstanding. though taking a human life due to jealousy, betrayal and revenge is not justifiable in any book of law (Toole 73).

Todd & Kenneth (371) illustrate that Othello after knowing the real picture of the handkerchief incident commits suicide as he feels extremely sorry for his act of killing her wife, disrespecting her and disregard Cassio services. The writer wanted the readers to understand that the good one’s cannot resist after hearing the truth as they feel ashamed of their wrong deeds prevailed. Also man with a noble and gentle heart knows that what’s right and wrong in life so killing an innocent due to a great

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