Need An Argumentative Essay On Shared Personal Knowledge With Reference To Two

Need an argumentative essay on Shared/Personal Knowledge (-With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge). Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

My research focuses on the socialisation theme as well as the culturisation theme. Culturisation can include the individuals’ acquiring the experiences and values of other communities, societies, or ethnic groups. The theme experiences can be within the science, art, or religion categories. The socialisation theme can be described as the human science aspect of implementing group culture or tradition. For example, infants learn the basic skills or capacities needed to survive within the community or conform to society’s stringent policies.

Moreover, society’s shared knowledge positively helps the citizens survive within one’s environment. Children grow up imitating what the average person does. The socialization theme encourages the growing child to accept both society’s prescribed internalities and externalities (Hurrelmann 37). Consequently, the individuals adopt the required does and do not does of society. As the person grows, society’s shared knowledge significantly influences the growing and learning individual’s personal knowledge.

In terms of knowledge areas, shared knowledge shapes personal knowledge within the natural science knowledge area. Shared knowledge within the natural sciences category includes Physics knowledge. Physics knowledge helps explain and how certain activities occur. Scientists and researchers constantly strive to find solutions to everyday hindrances, problems, or unfavourable situations. Other researchers and scientists replicate the experiments of prior individuals. Shared Physics knowledge includes Einstein’s relativity concept. The Physics experiment can be applied to medical research, discovering new drugs (Fred 249).

Consequently, individuals use the shared electricity knowledge to improve their lives. The shared knowledge of how electricity lights up the home enhances one’s personal knowledge on how to lessen electricity expenses. Shared knowledge dictates that the

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