Need An Argumentative Essay On Short Of Music History Needs To Be 2 Pages Please

Need an argumentative essay on Short of Music History. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

of the differences that emerge in the styles, topics, instruments, and tones of the music, the capacity of the African American music to go beyond cultural lines remains.

I intend to travel to Jamestown to inquire find information on the first African American immigrants, their culture during the time, what motivated them to travel to the United States and the relationships they had with the North Americans after the arrival.

Although the cultural element of African Americans emerged strongly especially in the early times of their arrival in the United States, their ability to maintain their culture faced massive challenges. Examples of the challenges included the, arrival of second generation African Americans in the continent, cultural oppression form the slave masters and the demeaning view of African culture by the Europeans.

To establish the truth of this fact, I will visit the school and collect information on African American culture and the challenges the community faced in maintain them. I will also visit neighbourhoods with high population of African Americans with the view of interacting with different generations of the community and establish the levels of cultural erosions especially in their music.

According to the text, African American music replicates the styles of music and performances that still exist in Africa. These kinds of music integrate human life experiences since the communities strongly consider music to be a fundamental art of life. According to the African life and music are inseparable. Because of this the performances of music not only signifies entertainment but also accompanies certain activities. Further, the performers enjoy close associations with the community. Musicians therefore frequently perform music in the communities they come from and for the community members as opposed to the European culture, which solicits the service of trained musicians.

To further, explore these facts, I will visit African cultural

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