Need An Argumentative Essay On Slp Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Plagiarism It A

Need an argumentative essay on SLP. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It also helps to manage different projects undertaken by an organisation. One of the key benefits organisation can get from the use of wiki is better communication. Wiki is useful for placing meeting minutes, providing different ideas and additional contribution by the employees (Grace, 2009).

Online wiki products do not perform alone rather the products must be coupled with online server which provides the permission to create a website. One such product which helps to create wiki is Microsoft SharePoint. It is an online platform through which wiki page can be created. This product is related with several functions comprising web component management, social network association and document management among others. Through this product, organisations can also conduct effective searches for documents and access huge amount of commercial information. Apart from that Microsoft SharePoint also comprise several web tools which assist in central information management, security controls and management of servers (Microsoft Corporation, 2014).

One key organisational goal which is supported by Microsoft SharePoint is increased collaboration. Since this product allows the members to create wiki for the purpose of information sharing, it facilitates collaboration within organisation. It act as a platform for creation of online software, comprising IT assets, group workshops, emails, attendance awareness and internet oriented conferencing. Furthermore, the services provided by this product also allow organisations to discover distributed information and files rapidly and effectively, along with empowering the employees to perform creatively. As a result, this product helps to maintain a collaborative environment in an organisation (Cloudmore, 2011).

There are several features which can be used in wiki for supporting organisational goals. For instance, FAQ can be used in order to surrogate knowledge base which

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