Need An Argumentative Essay On Smmary 5 Needs To Be 3 Pages Please No Plagiarism

Need an argumentative essay on Smmary 5. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Researchers evaluated DNA methylation patterns of patients who were in various stages of lung adenocarcinoma. The study identified various significant DNA methylated genes of 72 in Stage I, 93 in Stage II, and 170 in Stage III. There were a set of 34 DNA methylated genes that were significant. The results showed a pattern of epigenetics throughout all stages and when analyzing the pathways, there was a correlation of the signaling and metabolic pathways of lung adenocarcinoma and epigenetics.

Within this study, it was concluded that through the integration of epigenetic information of genes can be used to understand diseases and also to identify them. This could mean that the progression of cancer is also associated with genetic mutations. Epigenetic genes could play a major role in how cancer develops and the spread of it.

This article discusses epigenetics and it relates closely to the article “Conserved Epigenomic Signals in Mice and Humans Reveal Immune Basis of Alzheimer’s Disease” (2015). Though the disease is different, it still shows that there is a correlation between epigenetics and possible diseases for which genes are already coded to cause these diseases. Also in this article, while research was conducted on mice, transcription and epigenetic changes were recorded while the animal was in different stages of the disease.

The information that was presented fits with some of the information from prior readings because there seems to be an evident mutation that is functional within the genes which allows for researchers to predetermine whether or not a human’s DNA might be coded to have these diseases. It is fascinating to learn more about how it is possible that finding these mutated genes could possibly lead to the treatment of these various diseases in the future. It also makes one curious if all human cells are already coded through mutations and variations to see if someone is predisposed to also having certain

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