Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Media Network Needs To Be 2 Pages Please N

Need an argumentative essay on Social media network. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In the past, when there were no cell phones, e-mails or chatting, people had no other means of communication but to post letters to their loved ones abroad. Those letters took days and often weeks to reach the destination, and an equal amount of time would be consumed by the reply to reach the original sender. Thus, a single question asked by the original sender might take weeks to be answered. Today, people can have their question answered within a fraction of a second. This has promoted understanding among the family members.

While the social media networking has generally increased the frequency of chat among the family members, it has also played a very important role in disrupting the familial relationships by developing controversies and confusions among the family members. “While the network does offer opportunities for meaningful social interactions and self-esteem boosts, it also opens a Pandora’s box of options for spying, stalking and other insecurity- and jealousy-driven actions between lovers” (O’Dell, 2011). Since the introduction of such social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, people have been able to spy on their spouses’ activities, links and interactions. A lot of husbands have found out that their wives have been cheating upon them by having extra-marital affairs and so have many wives. People that are too sensitive about relationships cannot see their spouses making friends with other people.

Children happen to be the biggest, if any, victims of the social media networking. A lot of children have used the social media websites in the negative way. Numerous cases of child pornography have surfaced in the recent years in which a child has either posted his/her own nude photo or the nude photos of some of the class fellows on the internet. While this may seem an exciting idea at such an immature age, many people have to bear the consequences of such actions for the rest of their

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