Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Needs To Be 8 Pages Please No Plagiarism W

Need an argumentative essay on Social. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Within the data collection plan, pet owners would be given questionnaires to determine their level of violence based on its common relationship to the key element of self-control. Population and sampling techniques allow for data collection necessary to demonstrate that people who possessed aggressive tendencies had at some point abused their domesticated animal. In contrast, individuals that showed compassion without aggressive tendencies were less likely to abuse their pets. Together these findings suggest that pet owners who lacked self-control have a higher chance of abusing animals. The result of this research offers several possibilities in predicting and preventing behavior that could jeopardize the safety of domesticated animals. This research improves existing practices by recommending basic behavioral questionnaires prior to pet ownership, to determination suitability of ownership based on levels of self-control. These ownership questionnaires can highlight potential dangers and aid in reducing the rate of domestic animal cruelty and perhaps save lives of pets.

Animals such as dogs and cats are considered to be a man’s best friend. Their companionship and loyalty are believed to have no bounds, as most of these animals have been bred to coexist with humans and respect them. For thousands of years, domesticated animals have looked to their human companions for food and shelter. “Across the globe and over thousands of years” (Jewish Studies, n.d.) humans have domesticated scores of animal species, using a deep insight into their lives to alter aspects of their behavior, physiology and lifecycle. Unfortunately, such dominance of homo sapiens over animals can bring the worst in certain people through the action of animal cruelty.

Of particular concern are those people who have a significant lack of self-control. Self-Control is the act of altering one’s own impulse in the face of external demands by controlling particular behaviors or

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